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Child care vacancies

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We are currently recruiting Educators across all parts of melbourne.

We currently have educators across most regions in Melbourne.

Contact us to find a vacancy near your home.

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Children are priceless...

Experiences in their early years shape their future.

At Kids in Family  Day Care, we believe that;

  1. *  Children are individuals who deserve to be loved and respected 

    for their unique qualities.

*   Families are the first and most important influences in a child's life

  1. *  As Educators, we support and enhance those early relationships

  2. *  Childhood is an adventure, to be wondered at, investigated and 


  1. *  Children learn through play, and children's interests shape our    


2-8 Windsor Drive,   Beaconsfield,  3807.   Victoria.

 Details Herehttp://acecqa.gov.au/national-quality-framework/assessment-and-ratings/

Our Quality Rating

Providing Quality Family Day Care across Melbourne and Victoria

Kids in Family Day Care takes early childhood seriously... and as such we undertake the following

services with passion and dedication:

*Provide home based child care options with experienced and trained Educators

*Offer a range of Family Day Care locations

*Register, train, monitor and support Educators who have a passion for working with children

*Assist families to select the right Educator according to their needs and circumstances.

*Administer families entitlements to Child Care Benefit and 50% Child Care Rebate.

Kids in Family Day Care

We would like to share some great news with our educators and families alike. Kids in Family Day Care has just been rated as 'Exceeding the National Quality Standard' through the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development. This means we have been awarded the highest quality rating possible through our regulatory authority, and validates the wonderful work and passion of our Educators. Well done to everyone!'


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